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Japanese VPN proxy service

ExpressVPN’s guide to VPN for Japan

As one of the first countries to introduce high-speed broadband and mobile internet service, Japan offers some of the fastest and most uncensored internet access in the world. Japan also attracts netizens with its popular animation features and TV shows, making it one of the most popular VPN locations in Asia Pacific and across the globe.

Want to enjoy uncensored, high-speed Japanese internet? Read on for a comprehensive guide to using VPN inside and outside Japan.

Best Japanese VPN

Watch Japanese dramas and anime

Japan’s TV dramas and anime have captured the imaginations of audiences worldwide. From serials like One Piece and 1 Litre of Tears to full-length features like Spirited Away and Seven Samurai, there’s something for every taste and age.

Watch Japanese drama and anime with a VPN.

However, many of the best streaming sites are only available to Japanese IP addresses. So if you’re connecting from outside of Japan, you’ll need to get a Japanese IP address by connecting to a VPN.

Connecting to a VPN will also help you stream anonymously and secure your connection from internet service provider throttling. Set up a VPN and enjoy the best Japanese anime and TV shows today!

Note: ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands and subject to BVI law.

Stream Japanese sports live with a VPN.

Stream NPB, J1 League, and Japanese sports live

Japan boasts one of the strongest sport cultures in Asia. Nippon Professional Baseball ranks as one of the top baseball organizations in the world, while the J1 League is the Asian equivalent of the English Premier League. Use a Japan VPN to enjoy HD streams of:

  • NPB baseball

  • J1 League football

  • NJPW wrestling

  • Sumo wrestling

  • JBL basketball

  • Japan Open tennis

  • Japan Golf Tour

Learn how to watch even more sports from around the world with the ExpressVPN Stream Sports Guide.

DAZN logo.

Stream DAZN in Japan

DAZN is one of the premier streaming sports services available in Japan. You can use it to watch live sports from the convenience of your computer or mobile device. Just connect to a secure Japan VPN server before you log in to DAZN.

Learn how you can watch sports on DAZN with ExpressVPN.

Enjoy Japanese internet privacy from anywhere

Japan’s uncensored and high-speed internet is the envy of many countries. In fact, many reports list online privacy in Japan as among the best in the world. Even if you don’t live in Japan, you can enjoy the same privacy benefits by connecting to a secure Japanese VPN server location. Use a VPN to get a Japanese IP address and unlock the free internet today.

Japan flag with ExpressVPN logo.

ExpressVPN supports internet freedom

ExpressVPN is a proud financial supporter of nonprofit organizations that fight for your freedom on the internet, like the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Internet Defense League, Fight for the Future, and Access Now.

Don’t see your device? ExpressVPN also has manual configurations and setup tutorials for a wide range of other devices and platforms.

How a VPN works

A VPN (virtual private network) creates a secure tunnel between your computer and the internet. Your true IP address is hidden by a proxy, allowing you to appear to be anywhere you choose.

ExpressVPN encrypts your entire internet connection.

With ExpressVPN, you’re also protected from snooping thanks to strong encryption. Public Wi-Fi hackers, spies, your internet service provider, and any other prying eyes won’t be able to read your internet traffic.

ExpressVPN for other countries

ExpressVPN users can connect to 160 server locations in 94 countries and counting. Access any of these VPN server locations from Japan or anywhere else in the world:

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