A pencil erasing the user interface of Netflix.
4 mins

How to delete your Netflix history

Don’t want your friends and family to see what you’ve been watching?
9 mins

What can someone do with your IP address?

Your IP address can reveal your location and make you vulnerable to cyberattacks—all good reasons to protect your IP.
Broken password field.
3 mins

How hackers get passwords

If all you knew about hacking came from TV and movies, you could be forgiven for thinking hackers steal...
Streaming device with $0 price tag.
4 mins

Streaming devices with free-trial streaming services

Want to watch House of the Dragon or the new Lord of the Rings series for free? Find out which streaming devices offer free trials!
3 mins

How to delete your Google account permanently

Concerned about using Google? Learn how to delete your Google account permanently.
picture of a vpn switch taped in the on position
4 mins

Should you keep your VPN on all the time?

Why we recommend doing so—and the situations where a VPN is vital.
Phone with location pin and luggage handles.
3 mins

How to track your own luggage

Dreading chaotic airports this summer? You might want to consider including a tracker device in your luggage.


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Video: What are stalkerware apps? Protect yourself from phone monitoring

Stalkerware and other forms of monitoring software are on the rise. Stay vigilant against it to protect your privacy, and your safety.